Mandelson’s three strikes ban is a breach of everyone’s rights

Lord Peter Mandelson, the British Business Secretary has this week reiterated his plans to use his three strikes and your out policy to cut illegal file sharing pirates off the Internet in an effort to stop piracy.

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Of course the announcement comes in the same week that the British Phonographic Industry, who support the legislation, revealed that 2009 has already, with two months remaining, seen the record for all-time single sales broken. Information that heavily contradicts the damage that file sharing cannibalises music sales and is causing job losses in a recession hit market.

Of course the main problem with Mandelson’s plan is that not only does it contradict his own Prime Minister’s belief that the internet is as vital as gas and water, but it breaks the very principles that this country is supposed to have on your privacy and your rights.

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Movies tips from now till the end of the year

Anyone who knows me, knows I love movies. Using great sites like (easily the best movie site out there) I like to follow movies developing from the start of commissioning to their release, and if they are good, ultimately purchase them and keep them. So obviously, I am “on the button” when it comes to looking for films I think people should take a peek at.

There are some interesting movies coming out in the next few months, so I thought I should highlight my personal tips for films to look out for.

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Android 2.0 – Apple had better move quickly!

Android LogoYesterday (and today) Google have officially announced the latest version of their mobile phone software Android 2.0, and Apple had better get moving quickly on announcing some new features for their iPhone platform!

The new Android software has taken the experience of the last 14 months of device releases, and feedback from their customers and multiple manufacturers and have delivered a mature and advanced operating system that is more than ready to take on the iPhone, and has really and truly taken this particular iPhone lover’s eye. So much so, even with the £100 of software I’ve purchased on the app store, I’m seriously considering moving over to Android.

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