Why Unite Against Fascism is wrong to want to ban Nick Griffin from Question Time

Tonight, the British National Party will get its first chance to appear on the national stage with their leader, and North West MEP Nick Griffin appearing on the BBC’s Question Time. The group Unite Against Fascism is protesting this. Whilst everyone has a right to protest they don’t like, they seem to be mistaken on a few things. Yes, Nick Griffin is an incredibly hideous and odious man, whose opinions are certainly racist, bigoted, and really should have no place in society anymore. However, the problem is, they evidently do have a place (no matter how wrong) and some of the actions that the UAF are calling for come over, well, a bit fascist in their own right.

[picapp src=”5/d/5/2/The_BNP_Gather_df90.jpg?adImageId=6376483&imageId=5008735″ width=”234″ height=”323″ /]

You either believe in free speech, or you do not. Nick Griffin was tragically elected by the members of the North West European Consituency, and as such, represents them in the European Parliaments. The BBC has a duty to be as even handed as possible to all democratically elected parties, regardless of their opinion. The people who let the BNP into Question Time, aren’t the BBC, but the electorate. The UAF, and its affiliate parties, in their own way, failed to educate the people of this country as to why voting for the BNP is a dangerous thing. The UAF seem to wish to fail to recognise democracy and the will of the people, no matter how stupid or ignorant those that allowed his hateful idiot into European politics (and in that, I include the major parties, who’ve left some feeling that they have no electoral representation anymore)

They seem to believe that Nick Griffin is well educated enough to be able to jump through hoops for the whole hour. This isn’t the case. No one who went to Cambridge, one of the top institutions in the world, should ever leave with a 2:2.

Surely, watching his behaviour this week, claiming that Brown, Blair and the Generals that lambasted his party (without actually naming it) should be hung for war crimes was “black humour”, was enough to show you that the man is a loose cannon, who will ultimately only say things that will expose him as the underhanded nasty, evil bigot he is.

Unfortunately, I fear that Question Time is going to be hijacked by protestors in the audience, loudly shouting their opinions over the top and destroying the debate.
This would be the ultimate irony, allowing the man enough rope to hang himself, yet a protest being so obnoxious in its attacks against him, that it stifles all debate and leaves the fascists being those who claim to fight against it, and hanging themselves with the rope in the process.

Let the man have his say, and his own words will damn him.


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