Windows 7 arrives – My opinion soon

Today, my copy of Windows 7 Home Premium is arriving. Obviously as something of a tech junkie, I had to purchase it (especially at the pre-order price of £45 for the full edition of the OS)

[picapp src=”0/8/0/0/Computer_Stores_Prepare_be45.jpg?adImageId=6380232&imageId=6870590″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

Windows 7 didn’t really impress me all that much when I installed the public beta offering, but I think that was mostly because I decided to do so on a netbook, and as such it didn’t run as quickly and smoothly as I expected it to. With the full release today, I’m finally ready to dual-boot Windows 7 (with all its multi touch goodness) on my Macbook, alongside Snow Leopard.

Unlike most Apple users, I don’t particularly hate Microsoft (Vista, was hideous, but I’m still a big fan of XP) and welcome the new OS very much. As soon as I’ve got it installed and played with it for a few hours, I will be blogging my opinion of the whole process, including how Apple and Boot Camp handle the installation.


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