The BNP and Question Time – A mixed bag

Yesterday, the British National Party, a whites-only racist and fascistic political party in the UK took part for the very first time in BBC One’s flagship political show, Question Time, alongside Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs.

It was a very interesting hour of television. Sadly, most of the discussion was a vilification of Nick Griffin. Not that he doesn’t deserve that, but I thought that there wasn’t enough discussion of issues, and taking other people to task also. Baroness Warsi for example and her support for the Section 28 laws were mentioned but never really acted on.

The star of the show however, was Mr Nick Griffin MEP. Griffin, Member of the European Parliament for the North West was spectacular in his own failure, and was expertly deconstructed by playwright, critic and Deputy Chairman of the British Museum Bonnie Greer. Our members of Parliament and the Lords, by contrast did not impress in the slightest, and having Warsi, who I mentioned before, and Jack Straw of all people, was just a bit, well, ridiculous.

Greer almost spoke to Griffin like a child be scolded at times, informing him that she would love to give him a lesson on actual British history, and tore apart his ridiculous rhetoric on the indigenous peoples of Britain (note, there aren’t any!). The questions were obviously angled towards finding out information about the BNP, and Nick, bless him, tried his hardest to skirt around the issues placed in front of him. However, by the end of the hour, this hateful spiteful man was shown for the ill educated, racist, sexist, homophobic thug that he is, and that has to be celebrated.

[picapp src=”7/2/7/3/Protests_Are_Held_f5d8.jpg?adImageId=6440193&imageId=6884936″ width=”380″ height=”246″ /]

Unfortunately one thing detracted from the whole occasion. Unite Against Fascism, who ironically have taken to trying to crush free speech by bringing its own unique form of fascistic tendancies to the fore. Protesting by storming buildings and staging sit ins, and blocking people from their free movement in and out of work by storming gates them refusing to move from them; that behaviour is straight out of the Oswald Mosley playbook.

Perhaps the UAF, and all its affiliated members and groups should take a long hard look at themselves after their shameful behaviour outside BBC TV Centre last night, and realise that fighting fascism with the tools of fascism will breed nothing but harder and more virilent extremists on both sides of the debate.

UPDATE : 25/10/2009
The Guardian have nwo made some video of his appearance available:

This video doesn’t exist


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