Whose business is Jon Venables? No ones.

Over the last few days and weeks, the world of British journalism has once again been awash with righteous indignation over the case of Jon Venables.

Venables, as he was once known, was one of the two killers of Jamie Bulger in Liverpool in 1993. Recently he has been sent back to prison for violating the terms and conditions of his release, which was on a lifetime license. This license stipulated several things that he could be returned to prison for including:

  • Returning to Merseyside (where the original crimes were committed)
  • Committing, or believed to about to commit a crime
  • Trying to contact his accomplice Robert Thompson
  • Trying to contact the Bulger family

Somewhere down the line, one of these breaches has occurred and as such Venables has been returned to prison, whilst awaiting a parole board hearing on the case.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped the foaming at the mouth fever in the British press, and in particular on forums and blog comments around the UK. Yes, its time once again for the holier-than-thou righteous right to come full force out and show how small minded the British people can be. Lock him up forever they say. Throw away the key they say.

We don’t know who Venables is, we don’t know what he has done to be recalled, we don’t know when he was recalled, and frankly none of us have the right to. Even the Bulger family. The only thing they could possibly have a right to know is if they were in danger in anyway. It seems they weren’t, so anything else is absolutely none of their business.

The reaction of several morons on the internet who I have seen suggesting lynch mobs and gangs to “sort him out” has been amazing. It really has. I am just 6 months older than Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, and I can say without a second thought that I am a very different person at 28 than I was at pretty much 11 (it happened 3 days before my 11th birthday) in 1993. We cannot expect to possibly say that we know what this person is like based on their actions at 10. Who says that Venables or Thompson were evil at 10, and are now? We don’t know this, and we never will. We know that Thompson was neglected and bullied as a child, and Venables life wasn’t all that rosy either.

You know Carol, you remind me of someone...

We of course have Carol Vorderman, who on last night’s Question Time decided to parade herself as an out-and-out right wing Tory bigot. This is the same Carol Vorderman by the way, that would not become a teacher under her party of choice’s belief that anyone with a third at degree level should not become a teacher (yet she is perfectly capable of heading a maths task force because she could do a bit of addition really quickly on Countdown? Double standards or what?) I propose from now we call her Carol Vodermort. It takes a very special kind of person to out bluster and blunder Boris Johnson, but oh my, did she shine.

She is a right-wing ignorant popularist who could not explain her reasoning other than essentially, she’s a bit of a nosey bitch. Remind you of anyone at all?

... if only I could put my finger on who it is, exactly...

“How dare we protect this person from being murdered”, is what we are being told by a foaming at the mouth example of vicious moronic behaviour, driven by a bloodlust for revenge on someone that was 10 years old at the time of his crime. It’s like The Simpson’s when the residents of Springfield pick up a pitchfork or ten and a few flaming torches. The parody is more than apt, its accurately terrifying.

But here is the simple fact. We don’t have vigilante justice we have the judicary, and it is up to them to decide what is best even if it isn’t popular. Just because something is popular doesn’t make it right, and the idea that we should drag John Venables at the age of 27 through the streets and make an example of him for what he did at 10, and has already been punished for, no matter if you agree with the punishment or not is not right. We are supposed to be a civilised society, and we should treat everyone with the same common decency regardless of who they are, or what they’ve done.

Let the judicary do it’s job and lets not yet some yampy moron who could do some sums quickly dictate what we should, or shouldn’t do.

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