Considering a Windowless future

For several years now, I have been using Mac OS X more and more, and Windows less and less. In 2005 I purchased an iBook, and had many hours of enjoyment from it. In 2008 I made the mistake of purchasing a Dell XPS M1330, probably the worst, most unreliable PC I’ve ever had the misfortune of owning (and still paying for) and in early 2009 replaced it with a MacBook. Once again the joys of Mac OS X came back to me. Using a PC didn’t feel like a headache. Since my work PC (an iMac) decided at Easter to kill its Windows partition, I have been running the Windows apps I need at work in a VirtualBox whilst using Mac OS X for the day to day use where I can. Well, with a new desktop PC (probably a nettop) on the horizon, I am seriously considering ditching Windows altogether, and going with Ubuntu Linux.

So, people of the internet. If you wish to enlighten me to the benefits of Linux (I have been playing and actually quite enjoying it) please tell me why my day to day internet surfing, browsing, listening to music etc. needs are better served by Ubuntu than Windows 7. I am all ears, and eager to hear opinions.


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Lostpedia SysOp, blogger, occasional writer for TVOvermind and consumer technology geek.

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