World Cup’s best bits – Haircuts

In the Year 2010 you’d think they’d have learnt, but in the 40 years since the 1970 World Cup gave us the amazing Brazil performance and Bobby’s Charlton’s amazing head, the 2010 South Africa World Cup haircuts are coming in thick and fast!

In an absence of regular entertaining games (those featuring Brazil and Argentina, and yesterday’s Denmark and Cameroon game aside) I think it is time to compile a few of this year’s horror barnets together!

1. Rigobert Song – Cameroon

Former Liverpool player Rigobert Song is still in the Cameroon squad for what is likely his last World Cup at 33. However, Rigobert seems to have been transformed into Billy Ocean with his latest look.

Rigobert Song - Cameroon

Rigobert Song - Cameroon

2. Djibril Cisse – France

Another former Liverpool player, and a player who has never been shy when it comes to haircuts. Cisse, the Lord of the Manor of Frodsham (I’m not kidding) has an excellent bad cut this time around.

Djibril Cisse - France

Djibril Cisse - France

3. Marek Hamsik – Slovakia

I don’t know what Hamsik (left) was trying to achieve with his cut, but its spectacular. Its almost as if he had a crew cut, then let it grow but kept the sides shaved, or every time he’s been he has just asked for the sides to be trimmed.

Marek Hamsik - Slovakia

Marek Hamsik - Slovakia

4. Gervinho – Côte d’Ivoire

He’s going home in one game, so make sure you catch their final game with North Korea on Friday, but surely this has been the most outstanding hair in the World Cup 2010, possibly the best cut of the century so far.

You’re 23 and you are going bald man, talk to Arjen Robben for emotional support and give it up already.

Gervinho - Côte d'Ivoire

Gervinho - Côte d'Ivoire


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