Tim Minchin – The Pope Song

I think this kind of sums up my feelings well.


2009 in the Church of Scientology

I found this on Xenutv.com, an interesting video investigating the happenings in the last 12 months of Scientology.

Pretty damn funny if you ask me!

A terrible weekend for The Church of Scientology

The “Church” of Scientology has had a bad weekend. Paul Haggis, director of Crash and co-writer of the recent Daniel Craig Bond movies, has quit The Church. Haggis was disappointed in Scientology’s Tommy Davis (Director of Public Affairs and son of actress Ann Archer of Fatal Attraction fame) for not keeping his word on the Californian Proposition 8, which the San Diego branch of the Church supported (ie they were pro the banning of marriage for gay and lesbian couples) and with the lies Davis told CNN in regards to their policies of disconnection. Davis said they didn’t exist, and Haggis called him out on it, as he and his wife were told to disconnect from his in-law’s as they had left the church. The full letter is published after the jump:

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