World Cup’s best bits – Haircuts

In the Year 2010 you’d think they’d have learnt, but in the 40 years since the 1970 World Cup gave us the amazing Brazil performance and Bobby’s Charlton’s amazing head, the 2010 South Africa World Cup haircuts are coming in thick and fast!

In an absence of regular entertaining games (those featuring Brazil and Argentina, and yesterday’s Denmark and Cameroon game aside) I think it is time to compile a few of this year’s horror barnets together!
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Brilliant Adidas World Cup Advert

Take Star Wars and mash up with Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, David Beckham, Ian Brown, Noel Gallagher and few others, and what do you get?


Why Schumacher should win his Monaco GP Appeal

You might want to click to make them bigger, but here is why, in pictoral form, Schumacher was perfectly entitled to make his over taking manouver today at the Monaco Grand Prix, and why the penalty against him was wrong.

If this doesn’t get overturned, then frankly I’m done with the sport and its insistence that Ferrari get preferential rules.
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