Doctor Who – The End of Time Review

Doctor Who - The End of Time

The End of Time

This is my review of David Tennant’s final stand as The Doctor, as written for
I’m hoping when the season kicks in during 2010, that my Doctor Who cohort might see fit to arrange a schedule with me so I don’t have to write all 13 reviews. *cough cough*

Anyway, heres my take on the show, suffice to say I like it enough that I will be purchasing it in one form or another….

Doctor Who, unlike any other show, before it or since, has thrived on a world of change. The character’s basic premise of regeneration was built into the show to never have to rely on one single actor to take the role, and that the mantle could pass down from actor to actor generation to generation, era to era. The 2 part finale shown in the UK and US during the Christmas and New Year period was designed to leave you in no doubt, then end of an era began in 2005 was here.

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2009 in the Church of Scientology

I found this on, an interesting video investigating the happenings in the last 12 months of Scientology.

Pretty damn funny if you ask me!

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