Dr Linda Papadopoulos – You ironically cheeky cow!

Dr Linda Papadopoulos is the latest in a line of celebrity child psychologists to be asked to produce a report for the Government. Her report is an attack is on men’s mags and video games, in particular one called Miss Bimbo (that I’d never heard of before this report) for hypersexualising young girls and hypermasculating young men. Her plan includes putting age restrictions on content such as FHM and Loaded.

She said:

“It’s a drip-drip effect. Look at porn stars and look at how the average girls looks now.

“We are hypersexualising girls, telling them their desirability relies on being desired.

“They want to please at any cost.

“And we are hypermasculinising boys. Many feel they can’t live up to the porn ideal, sleeping with lots of women.”

Now I don’t necessarily disagree with the idea that we do sexualise children far too young. I don’t blame FHM and video games though. I blame other things… Like some of the things in this woman’s career. Shall we take a look?

1. Big Brother

Dr Linda is famous for being one of the psychologists used on the TV show Big Brother. Famous for the following “celebrities” all appearing in magazines like Heat, Nuts and FHM soon after:

2. Celebrity Fit Club

Celebrity Fit Club, a TV show that is designed to humiliate and harass overweight people, celebrities in particular into being thin and to conform to societal norms. Who was one of the stars of Seasons 2 to 4 of that? Oh Look! IT’S DR LINDA!

3. Her Writing of Tittle-Tattle Trash

Not only does she write articles about Peter Andre and Jordan, the perfect example of a bad role model to young women everywhere, she films features for the BBC on John Terry and WAGS for a political program! She … she is also the pyschologist for Cosmo. Well, you don’t need me to tell you what kind of trash is in that do you? But I will anyway. As of writing headlines on their website and features include:

Boyfriend Wars! You can rate each others boyfriends and compare them against each other. Whose the hottest you decide!
CosmoSutra! Mind blowing sex positions.
Sex Tips! Suggestions for a better sex life including provocative images of perfect men and women posing as if they’re in the act.

She also writes books like “The Man Manual” and “What Men Say, What Women Hear” two perfect examples of sexuality being exploited. Two perfect examples of using devisiness and sexuality between the genders in order to profit and make a career.

Lets take the blurb from the back of The Man Manual for example…

“If you’ve ever wondered why he still wants to see his ex or even just why he won’t do the washing up when you’ve asked him to fifty times, nicely, this is the book for you.”

Well perhaps because they are still friends? Perhaps he doesn’t want to do the washing up or be ordered to do it?

Now I don’t mind her pointing out that as a society we spend too much time sexualising children, leading to, well lets face it, slags of both genders. However, considering how much money she has made out of this particular genre of relationship dating and advice, and how much of a career has been made from Cosmo and from her appearances on the biggest place on TV to create Heat and FHM fodder, isn’t isn’t too far a stretch for me to say…


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